Sponsorship and Exhibition

We are pleased to invite you to exhibit at the 31st Linear Accelerator conference – LINAC2022 scheduled from 28th August to 2nd September, 2022 which takes place at the Arena and Convention Center in Liverpool, UK.

The LINAC2022 is expected to attract over 600 scientists and engineers from research laboratories and institutions around the world who are active in the field of particle accelerators.

The exhibitor hall will consist of product manufacturers and service providers and will be held in conjunction with the technical conferences.

In order to ensure maximum exposure, the exhibitor hall will be the site of all poster sessions, refreshment breaks and the Welcome Reception to be held on Sunday, 28th August 2022.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to present your company’s latest products, services, and techniques in an intimate setting to a large, technically knowledgeable audience.

Add this important event to your calendar, and please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you in Liverpool!

Shrikant Pattalwar

LINAC2022 Exhibition Coordinator
+44 (0) 77950 92237

 Our Exhibitors

D5: Instrumentation Technologies, d.o.o
C4: Scandinova Systems AB
D4: RI Research Instruments GmbH
E4: Kashiyama Europe GmbH
F4: Wessington Cryogenics
A5: Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)
A4: Allectra
A1: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
B1: Pantechnik
A3: Microwave Techniques LLC
B3: Diversified Technologies, Inc.
C3: Jema Energy
D3: UHV Design
E3: Microwave Amps Ltd.
F3: SAES Getters SpA
H3: Bergoz Instrumentation

I3: University of Liverpool / Cockcroft Institute

I4: Zanon Research & Innovation S.R.L
I5: Trumpf Hüttinger GmbH & Co KG

Sponsorship Overview
 Premium BoothStandard Booth
Price (GBP)40003500
Booth Size3m x 3m3m x 3m
Booth LocationSee LayoutSee Layout
Logo placement on signage in the conference / Exhibition loungeGrouped with othersGrouped with others
A link to company website from Conference websiteYesYes
Complementary Registrations (each equivalent to a standard delegate)11
Delegate list provided 2 weeks prior to the conferenceYesYes
Company description in the programme bookYesYes
Additional sponsorship opportunities
OP1Exclusive logo on the bag10002
OP2Exclusive logo placement on signage in the exhibition/conference lounge10002
OP3Delegate lanyard – logo printed on every delegate lanyard10001
OP4Co-Sponsor banquette wine20002
OP5Co-Sponsor banquette music20002
OP6Co-Sponsor of Welcome Reception10002
OP7Co-Sponsor of lunch breaks20004
OP8Co-Sponsor of tea-coffee breaks100012
OP9Advertisement in programme book (inside full page)10004
OP10Advertisement in programme book (1/2 page)60010
OP11Student prize (prominent on the award
certificate and in the programme book)
OP12‘Women in Science’ programme sponsor10003
Benefits to Exhibitors
  • Each booth will be equipped with 1m high fabric side-rails, 2.5m high fabric back-wall and one (2-line) ID sign.
  • Each booth will be equipped with one (1) draped table, two (2) chairs.
  • Complimentary wireless internet access throughout the Exhibit Hall.
  • Pre and post conference listing on LINAC2022 website with company description and hyperlink to your company website.
  • Company name and description listed in the LINAC2022 programme book.
  • Refreshment breaks will be available in the prominent locations throughout the exhibition area.
  • Pre-registrant contact information available (on request) two weeks prior to the conference in excel format. (This will not include those who opted out of sharing their contact information).
Exhibition Hall
Decorator and Exhibit Service Manual

Cameron Logistics will be the official service provider for the LINAC2022 exhibition. Exhibitors are requested to contact Cameron Logistics directly for various options services for booth decoration as per contacts below. We will be happy to assist with your planning and to answer any questions.

Ewen Cameron
Operations Manager
+44 (0) 1355 238559
+44 (0) 7495145646

Exhibition Special requests

All the exhibits and will have to comply with the safety regulations of the ACC convention centre. Large and heavy equipment for exhibitions will be allowed only with prior approval by the ACC convention centre.

Booth Etiquette

During exhibition opening hours, booths should be attended by an authorised representative. The conference reserves the right to remove any display that, because of objectionable features, detracts from the scientific and educational nature of the exhibit.


Exhibitors will not be allowed to sublet booths or portions of booths to non-registered companies or individuals.

The deadline for submitting your contract agreement and full payment is 31st April 2022.

Key dates and Time (Tentative)

Booth Registration opens – 1st Jan 2022

Deadline for Booth Registration – 31st April 2022

Cancellation before 30th April 2022 – Refund after deduction of 20% administrative fee

Cancellations after 30th April 2022 – No refund

Exact Times will be determined 4 months before the start of the event

Key dates and Time (Tentative)

Booth Registration opens – 1st Jan 2022
Deadline for Booth Registration – 31 July 2022
Cancellation before 30th April 2022 – Refund after deduction of 20% administrative fee
Cancellations after 30th April 2022 – No refund

Exact dates and times will be determined 4 months before the start of the event.

Decorators Move inSunday, 28th August 202208:0011:00
Exhibitor Registration and InstallationSunday, 28th August 202211:0016:00
Welcome reception (held in the exhibition hall)Sunday, 28th August 202218:3020:00
Exhibition HoursMonday, 29th August 202209:0018:00
 Tuesday, 30th August 202209:0018:00
(Closed for delegate excursion)Wednesday, 31st August 202209:0012:30
 Thursday, 1st September 202209:0012:00
Exhibitor DismantleThursday, 1st September 202212:0015:00
Decorators move outThursday, 1st September 202215:0017:00 

Participation Terms and Conditions

  1. Sponsors and Advertisers – invoices are payable on receipt of tax invoice to secure your requirements.
  2. Exhibitors – Payment of exhibition booths is required in full when completing the booth selection process. If payment is not made the booth will be released.
  3. Full Payment of all invoices, including your representative/s registration and related fees, must be received prior to commencement of the Event to ensure admittance to the Event, unless by prior approval.
  4. All prices quoted exclude GST.
  5. The Organising Committee reserves the right to refuse an application.
  6. The Organiser will endeavour to meet all your selected participation requirements. If your selected requirement/s is not available, the Organiser will contact you as soon as possible to discuss alternatives.
  7. Booth cancellations must be in writing. Deposit less a cancellation fee will be refunded only if the booth can be re-sold.
  8. Participants agree to fulfil all their obligations in regards to deadlines and the provision of correct documentation as required by the Organiser, thus ensuring all the Participant’s entitlements can be met.
  9. Sponsors and Exhibitors agree to abide by such conditions as laid down by the Organising Committee and agree not to violate any of the lease conditions of the building in which the Event is being held.
  10. If the Sponsor/Exhibitor fails to comply with any of the rules and regulations laid down, or any requirements stipulated, the Organiser has the right to sell the space or enlist a replacement Sponsor/Exhibitor and the Sponsor/Exhibitor will forfeit all monies paid.
  11. Acknowledgement of Sponsors in the Programme / Resource Book is dependent upon the date of the Sponsor’s booking, provision of the Sponsor’s logo and printing date of the books.
  12. All signage, collateral, advertisements and any other artwork for any participant must be provided to the Organiser for approval. The Organiser reserves the right to reject anything that it considers inappropriate.
  13. The Organiser reserves the right to redesign the floor plan to the benefit of Exhibitors, as it sees fit.
  14. Exhibitors must have third-party liability insurance cover. A Certificate of Currency is to be provided on request.
  15. Exhibitors must not erect any sign, display or obstruction which intrudes into any adjoining Exhibitors’ space or affects the safety of the venue.
  16. Exhibitors must not damage in any way the walls, floors, ceilings or any other surface of the exhibition area or the Exhibitor will be liable for all associated charges due to the venue.
  17. The Organiser accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, costs and expenses, which may arise from the supply of samples or other material by participating Sponsors/Exhibitors to any person.
  18. The Organiser will take all precautions it considers necessary for the protection and security of exhibited articles but will not be responsible for the safety, loss, damage or compensation of any exhibit or other property under any circumstances whatsoever.
  19. Participants must not on-sell sponsorship opportunities, sub-let exhibition tables or display products or programmes that have not been officially endorsed by their company without the prior approval of the Organiser.
  20. Cancellation of sponsorships, symposiums & exhibition space (& booths) will incur a minimum 50% cancellation fee of the total cost of the original invoice. If the item (sponsorships, symposiums & exhibition space) is not replaced by another entity the organisers reserve the right to implement a 100% cancellation fee of the item.